Content Delivery

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The OARnet Content Delivery Service provides customers with the option to purchase bandwidth to a select group of partner Content providers at a lower cost than commodity Internet. OARnet Content partners provide high capacity fully redundant geo-diverse server clusters installed on the OARnet backbone for the exclusive use of OARnet customers. Customers can view their Content traffic vs Internet in the OARnet Gateway to help project the Content subscription rate.

Customer Benefits

  • Clients recognize a cost savings as a result of not having to use the internet to access high demand services such as search engines and media streaming services
  • Clients can purchase more bandwidth to meet their customers’ demand for services as a result of the cost savings

OARnet Provides

  • Co-location space and power for the servers to deliver the caching service
  • Multiple co-location sites to ensure maximum uptime for this service

Client Provides

  • Necessary connectivity to the OARnet network to support their bandwidth subscription
  • No necessary routing changes on their network

Service Cost

The annual cost is based on the subscription size and a $1 megabit cost
For more information, please send an email to or contact your client relationship representative:
Education Services P-20, Education-related Healthcare and Research
State & Local Government, Government-related Healthcare and Research

Case Studies

Small OCU is doing big things for students through OARnet resources

Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio, may be small, but its networking is now mighty thanks to some recent upgrades and optimization on the OARnet network.