Commodity Internet Access

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The OARnet Internet service provides customers access to a combination of geo-diverse fully redundant high-speed connections to multiple Tier1 carriers and a mix of public and private peerings. Customers are provided the reliability of utilizing multiple Internet transit carriers to help ensure uninterrupted service in the event of a single carrier or circuit failure. OARnet maintains a rich set of peerings to help ensure low latency connections and controlled costs. 

OARnet's Internet service offering includes both on-demand and pre-configured DDoS mitigation services to all clients. To provide this combination of capacity, diversity, and value-added DDoS mitigation would not be affordable for any one entity and can only be achieved through the aggregate purchase of these services through OARnet.

Customer Benefits

  • Clients recognize cost savings due to aggregate purchase internet services for all our clients, including higher education, K-12, and state and local government
  • Four diversely routed 100 Gigabit circuits delivered to four separate Points of Presence on the OARnet network to ensure maximum uptime and protect the service from fiber cuts. 
  • Four separate routers have been deployed at these locations to further protect the service from equipment failure. 
  • Two Tier 1 Carriers are being utilized for the internet service, AT&T and Lumen, to protect against a loss of service by any single carrier and reduce the cost of ordering another connection from a back-up carrier. 
  • OARnet’s Internet Service includes two levels DDoS protection, DNS service and allocation of globally routable IP addresses
  • 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Tier II Engineering support and clearly defined escalation list
  • No long-term contract is required initially or when changing required bandwidth
  • OARnet clients can increase bandwidth on demand if there is additional capacity on their last-mile connection 

OARnet Provides

  • Consultations to assist in design and configuration of service
  • Support for ordering services, including identifying recommended capacity
  • Installation support, including vendor coordination and technical support
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) on the connection for 24x7 proactive monitoring and faster trouble resolution
  • 24x7 Tier I and Tier II Engineering support and clearly defined escalation list
  • OARnet clients can increase bandwidth on demand if there is additional capacity

Client Provides

  • Necessary connectivity to the OARnet network to support their bandwidth subscription
  • Contact and escalation list for their site
  • Environment for OARnet CPE

Service Cost

Annual cost is based on client's subscription level

For more information, please send an email to or contact your client relationship representative:
Education Services P-20, Education-related Healthcare and Research
State & Local Government, Government-related Healthcare and Research
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