Cybersecurity Services

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud-based Denial of Service mitigation is included for all clients subscribing to the OARnet Internet Service. The OARnet DDoS mitigation service is designed to protect your network and servers, helping you to meet the ever-increasing business requirements for uninterrupted service


Eduroam – “edu” for education, “roam” for roaming or traveling – is a secure, worldwide wireless access service that allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet safely from anywhere in the world.

InCommon Federation

InCommon, operated by Internet2, allows researchers, students, faculty and staff to use university credentials to access online resources from other member institutions and third-party providers. The result is a privacy-protecting method for providing individuals with single sign-on access to authorized or licensed online resources.

Vulnerability Scan Hosting

OARnet vulnerability scan hosting provides our clients with a site outside their network, which offers a VMware environment for OARnet clients to deploy their security software. This approach enables our clients to test their network for vulnerabilities from outside threats and eliminates the need to purchase equipment, an off-site location or subcontract with a third party for testing.