Cybersecurity Services

DDoS Mitigation

OARnet offers two levels of DDoS mitigation protection as part of our internet service offering. First, on-premise custom filters are developed by OARnet engineers to protect again common DDoS attack vectors, serving as a first line of defense. Second, cloud-based DDoS mitigation utilizes a carrier service to block large-scale attacks and includes a scrubbing service to remove bad traffic and forward clean traffic to the client. OARnet’s unique DDoS mitigation service combines both on-premise and cloud-based to protect the network and minimize service disruptions.


Eduroam, operated by Internet2, is a secure, worldwide wireless access service that allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet safely from anywhere in the world.

InCommon Federation

InCommon, operated by Internet2, allows researchers, students, faculty and staff to use university credentials to access online resources from other member institutions and third-party providers. The result is a privacy-protecting method for providing individuals with single sign-on access to authorized or licensed online resources.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the utilization of an application with the capability to identify Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) on devices that are likely to be used by attackers to compromise a device and use it as a platform from which to extend compromise to the network, combined with risk management and reporting activities.