Application Services

Emergency Web Hosting

During a crisis, your Web site becomes a nexus for information. With OARnet's Emergency Web Hosting Service, you will always have a Web site available, even if your network is adversely affected by fire, weather or construction mishaps, or your campus server goes down from sharp increases in traffic.


OARnet is the main contact for Educational Site License Program (ESRI) in the state of Ohio. ESRI's educational licensing options are designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, schools and districts of any size. The available one-year license contract allows for unlimited uses of ArcGIS and other Esri products covered in the program for teaching and research purposes. It also provides a Virtual Campus User license for Web-based training.


VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation by enabling freedom and flexibility in how customers build and evolve their IT environments. Virtualization, cloud and mobility solutions are enabling a software-defined data center for Ohio’s government and education sectors.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

OARnet helps connect government, K-12 and higher education entities to the state of Ohio’s Next Generation Telephony Service (NGTS). This service includes features such as Voice over IP, audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Cybersecurity Services

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud-based Denial of Service mitigation is included for all clients subscribing to the OARnet Internet Service. The OARnet DDoS mitigation service is designed to protect your network and servers, helping you to meet the ever-increasing business requirements for uninterrupted service


Eduroam – “edu” for education, “roam” for roaming or traveling – is a secure, worldwide wireless access service that allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet safely from anywhere in the world.

InCommon Federation

InCommon, operated by Internet2, allows researchers, students, faculty and staff to use university credentials to access online resources from other member institutions and third-party providers. The result is a privacy-protecting method for providing individuals with single sign-on access to authorized or licensed online resources.

Vulnerability Scan Hosting

OARnet vulnerability scan hosting provides our clients with a site outside their network, which offers a VMware environment for OARnet clients to deploy their security software. This approach enables our clients to test their network for vulnerabilities from outside threats and eliminates the need to purchase equipment, an off-site location or subcontract with a third party for testing.

Integrated Network Services


OARnet's co-location service provides cost-effective, worry-free space, with connections back to your organization via OARnet's high-speed network. Co-location is a flexible, affordable way to expand computing resources without expensive local facility upgrades.

Commodity Internet Access

The OARnet Internet service provides customers access to a combination of geo-diverse fully redundant high speed connections to multiple Tier1 carriers and a mix of public and private peerings. Customers are provided the reliability of utilizing multiple Internet transit carriers to help ensure uninterrupted service in the event of a single carrier or circuit failure. OARnet maintains a rich set of peerings to help ensure low latency connections and controlled costs.

Content Delivery

The OARnet Content Delivery Service provides customers with the option to purchase bandwidth to a select group of partner Content providers at a lower cost than commodity Internet. OARnet Content partners provide high capacity fully redundant geo-diverse server clusters installed on the OARnet backbone for the exclusive use of OARnet customers. Customers can view their Content traffic vs Internet in the OARnet Gateway to help project the Content subscription rate.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

OARnet provides a fully managed authoritative and recursive Domain Name Service (DNS) utilizing geo-redundant carrier grade DNS servers. Our engineering team can assist clients with domain name registration, design, implementation, and troubleshooting.


The OARnet backbone provides native support for the familiar 32-bit IPv4 addresses and newer 128-bit IPv6 addressing. Customers with IPv4 connections to OARnet can be upgraded to concurrently provide IPv6 on the same circuits. Internet, Internet2, and Content Delivery services are available via IPv6.

Last Mile Access

Client connections to the OARnet backbone are provided through a last mile access service using one or more carrier partners. OARnet has high-speed interconnects with over 15 last mile partners across Ohio to facilitate a cost-effective solution using a wide range of connectivity options. These include dark fiber, dedicated circuits and shared metro-ethernet connectivity. Clients can use multiple carriers to implement fully redundant geodiverse connections to multiple OARnet PoPs.

MPLS L3VPN & L2 Circuits

An MPLS-based Layer3 Virtual Private Network (L3VPN) enables a client to utilize private and public IPv4 and IPv6 routing domains across the OARnet backbone. An L3VPN allows for a virtual dedicated any-to-any communication network between many remote locations.

On-Net (IntraOhio)

OARnet’s 100-gigabit Ethernet network includes connectivity across Ohio (On-Net) that provides speed, redundancy and reliability to all who connect. On-Net (IntraOhio) delivers a wide variety of services and many efficient options for those who connect to OARnet.

Optical Transport

OARnet offers a full suite of optical transport options, including managed outside plant dark fiber DWDM-based, wave services and TDM-based circuits. OARnet maintains trained staff, advanced characterization and troubleshooting equipment used for designing and maintaining outside plant fiber.

Network Peering

Commercial Network Peers

OARnet recognizes peering as a valuable asset to our constituents. It also acknowledges peering will help create a more robust broadband infrastructure. 

Research Network Partners

OARnet has a high speed connection to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base/Defense and Research Engineering Network (DREN) as well as NASA Glenn Research Center. OARnet is also Ohio's Internet2 connector and fosters Big Ten higher education connections through participation with OmniPoP.

Support Services


OARnet’s engineering team has advanced networking and security expertise that can be leveraged to assist community members with a variety of network-related projects. With over 75 years of combined practical experience, our highly skilled senior engineering staff provides consulting in network design, implementation, and maintenance of network and cybersecurity infrastructure.

Quality of Service (QoS)

OARnet uses Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to ensure our clients do not suffer phone outages or loss of access to networked databases in the event of cybersecurity attacks or time of high network traffic. It is essential to sort the various demands into a few broad categories that can then be accorded a priority rating. The highest priority traffic will always receive clear passage across the low-bandwidth circuit, while general internet traffic is subject to packet loss should the access circuit become congested.

Support Center (NOC)

OARnet believes effective and prompt customer support is critical to maintaining happy and successful vendor-client relationships. The staff works closely with OARnet's network engineers, systems administrators, web developers and video experts to provide prompt, courteous resolutions to client concerns.