DDoS Mitigation

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OARnet offers two levels of DDoS mitigation protection as part of our internet service offering. First, on-premise custom filters are developed by OARnet engineers to protect again common DDoS attack vectors, serving as a first line of defense. Second, cloud-based DDoS mitigation utilizes a carrier service to block large-scale attacks and includes a scrubbing service to remove bad traffic and forward clean traffic to the client. OARnet’s unique DDoS mitigation service combines both on-premise and cloud-based to protect the network and minimize service disruptions.

On-demand DDoS Mitigation:

In the event of a DDoS attack, clients can activate this service by initiating a DDoS mitigation request through our 24x7 Network Operations Center. Once initiated, OARnet technical staff perform a traffic analysis and provide a recommended DDoS mitigation strategy. These mitigations are temporary and are removed after a consult with our security team.

Pre-configured DDoS Mitigation:

Pre-configured, always-on configurations can be placed in the OARnet backbone to protect clients from common DDoS vectors. Implemented by request, this proactive approach requires customized configurations determined through a combination of traffic analysis and consultation with your networking team.

    Client Benefits

    • Cost savings due to aggregate purchase of internet services and DDoS protection
    • Redundancy and geo-diversity in both connectivity and providers
    • 24x7 monitoring of network connections to resolve issues

    OARnet Provides

    • Consultation and support for ordering service including identifying recommended capacity
    • Installation support including vendor coordination and technical support
    • Traffic analysis and backbone filtering
    • Engineering escalation list
    • The opportunity to switch between service types during a service period

    Client Requirements

    • Provide the necessary connectivity to the OARnet network to support their bandwidth subscription
    • Provide OARnet with a contact and escalation list for their site
    • Client is not required to make any changes to their network to utilize the DDoS service

    Service Cost

    • On-demand DDoS Mitigation and Pre-configured DDoS Mitigation are included with the cost of the OARnet’s standard Internet service
    For more information, please send an email to OHT-ClientSvcTeam@osu.edu or contact your client relationship representative:
    Education Services P-20, Education-related Healthcare and Research
    State & Local Government, Government-related Healthcare and Research
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