OARnet Gateway

The OARnet Gateway is an online resource for OARnet clients. Authorized users and editors can view bandwidth statistics, manage client contacts (per OARnet policy) and access Service Center. Bandwidth statistics are available to OARnet clients with Internet, Internet2 and OnNet subscriptions.

IP Address Requirements

Connectivity from an OARnet client IP address space is required to access the Gateway. 

Subscribed Internet Customers
Please ensure your VPN and/or Firewall allows OARnet traffic for remote access. Contact support for assistance.

Non-Subscribed Internet Customers
Please ensure your VPN and/or Firewall allows OARnet traffic for remote access. Please supply your office and/or VPN IP Ranges to OARnet. If you can no longer reach Gateway, your source IP Ranges may have changed or you are not connecting from the IP Ranges submitted to OARnet. If you believe that your VPN or office IP Ranges have changed, or are unsure, please Contact support for assistance.


Quick Guide for Subscribed Internet Customers

Quick Guide for Non-Subscribed Internet Customers

Authorization is required to access the Gateway. 

  1. Customers are invited to access OARnet systems by other authorized users: their Gateway Editors or Business Relationship Managers. 
  2. Please contact your Gateway Editors to request an invite. If you do not know who your Gateway Editors are, please contact your Business Relationship Manager or
  3. If you are a new customer, please contact your Business Relationship Manager.


Registered users who have forgotten their passwords can go to, click "Forget my Password." 

  • You will have seven days to reset your password or the request will expire. You will need to initiate this process again if seven days have passed.
  • Please check your junk/ spam folder during this process. Please whitelist to prevent missing important communication from OARnet.
  • When you reset your password you may need to hard-refresh your browser or clear your cache & cookies. Refrain from using autofill.
  • You may also try using a private browsing window.

Access Removal

Your organization’s Gateway Editors can remove users or you can contact the Support Center. The Support Center will verify requests with your Administrative Contact or Business Relationship Managers. Once a user is removed they can no longer login.


Statistics Help

Bandwidth statistics are available on the Gateway to OARnet clients with Internet, Internet2 and OnNet subscriptions. 

Service Center

Service Center

The OARnet Service Center provides online access for clients to interact with our ticketing system and support services. 

Listed Contacts

Well managed contacts enables OARnet to process requests efficently as well as keep your organization secure. The OARnet Service Desk can only accept change requests and trouble reports from eligible Gateway contacts. 

To learn how OARnet uses contacts please read the OARnet Contact Policy and listed contact roles. Your Administrative contact oversees your organization's Gateway authorization and organization’s overall compliance of the Contact Policy. However, they do not need to be a Gateway Editor though we recommend they be one.


Gateway Users

Authorized individuals who have an account Gateway and other OARnet systems. Those individuals have a user name and password and can view the resources on Gateway.

Gateway Editors

Authorized users who have edit access to manage your organization's contacts and authorize other users.
Gateway Editors can make other users editors and remove users. Gateway Editors can invite their coworkers to create accounts for OARnet systems. By default, the first two users at an organization are automatically Gateway Editors. This can be changed at any time by your Gateway Editors or OARnet staff.

Listed Contacts

Individuals who can be assigned to defined contact roles OARnet uses to communicate with your organization, per the OARnet Contact Policy. Be sure to read the Contact Policy and Role Definitions, which outlines the requirements.

A Gateway Editor is not the same as the Administrative Contact. While an individual has the ability to be both, they are two separate functions. A Gateway Editor means a registered user has edit access on the Gateway. While the Administrative Contact fulfills duties outlined in the OARnet Contact Policy & Role Definitions.