Service Desk Contact

The OARnet Service Desk was previously known as the "Network Operation Center (NOC)".


Mailing Address:

OARnet Service Desk
1224 Kinnear Road,
Columbus, OH 43212

Toll Free: (800) 627-6420

Hours of Operation

Staff on-site: 7:00am - 12:30am daily
On-call operation: 12:30am - 7:00am daily\
Holidays observed via on-call will be announced several days prior to the holiday.

Problem Reporting

Find more information on problem reporting at:

Outage Information

Outage information can be found at:

OARnet believes that effective and prompt customer support is critical to maintaining happy and successful vendor-client relationships.

The staff works very closely with OARnet's network engineers, systems administrators, web developers and video experts to provide prompt, courteous resolutions to client concerns.

For each call or email received, the staff create a log in our ticketing system. The system keeps the complete record of every ticket, from the time it is opened until it is closed. We regularly review the open tickets and follow escalation procedures to ensure that we resolve all issues in the shortest time possible.

For the latest news on network outages, network notices, and planned maintenance items, please visit the OARnet Network Outages and Maintenance page. When planned maintenance is scheduled, we make every effort to send an email to each affected site with details on the planned maintenance. If you have any maintenance plans at your site, please let us know in advance if it will affect your OARnet connectivity.


Two different services enable clients to view bandwidth and utilization statistics. Learn more here.


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