Network Design and Engineering Consulting

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OARnet’s engineering team has advanced networking and security expertise that can be leveraged to assist clients with a variety of network-related projects. With more than 100 years of combined practical experience, our highly skilled senior engineering staff provides consulting in network design, implementation, and maintenance of network and cybersecurity infrastructure.

Specific network consulting services can include:

  • Long-haul optical transport, including fiber testing and characterization
  • Advanced network design and configurations including quality of service, multicast, and routing design, including BGP configuration
  • Disaster recovery design and failover strategy
  • Last-mile circuit planning
  • Fiber solutions
  • Cloud strategy and implementation
  • Custom DDoS solutions
  • Product and service assessments, including performance testing
  • General technical guidance and recommendations on networking best practices

Customer Benefits

  • Customized solutions to meet client design requirements, budget, and timelines
  • Bring together multiple OARnet entities and vendors on projects that could not be achieved by any one entity
  • Solutions designed to meet the needs of research and data-intense activities
  • Ability to perform product and service assessments, including performance testing and feedback

OARnet Provides

  • Highly skilled OARnet engineering staff with diverse backgrounds and more than 100 years combined networking experience
  • Relationships with multiple service providers and vendors that can be integrated to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Collaboration among members of the higher education, K-12, state and local government, library, research, and healthcare communities to maximize resources and enable large-scale projects
  • General technical guidance and recommendations on networking best practices
  • Practical experience extending campus networks into leading cloud providers
  • Provisioning and testing lab that can accommodate performance testing and qualification of network hardware and designs up to 100Gbps

Client Provides

  • Availability to meet remotely or onsite with OARnet staff

Service Cost

  • Clients may be assessed service fees, commensurate with the scope of work, for OARnet network consulting services 

For more information, please send an email to or contact your client relationship representative:
Education Services P-20, Education-related Healthcare and Research
State & Local Government, Government-related Healthcare and Research


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