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VMware Contract Status Update: May 2024


To All Users of the OARnet VMware Contract:

We are actively negotiating a new contract with Broadcom based on their new business model. Please note the following updates since the previous communication:

VMware Licensing

  • All software licenses will be purchased on a subscription basis; perpetual licenses will no longer be available for purchase.
  • VMware has agreed to support our perpetual licenses while we negotiate a new contract. This includes licenses with expired support.
  • Renewals on perpetual licenses are no longer available. Please note: If you purchased 3-years SnS on your last renewal, your licenses will be supported through that support end date.
  • Cost structure for licenses moving forward will be based on the number of cores in your environment as opposed to our previous CPU-based contract models. It is important to note that we are requesting each client download and run a script from Broadcom's Knowledge Base article to get a core count of their current environment (exclusive of VDI). This count is being used in negotiations with Broadcom to accurately discount VMware on all products and services offered to OARnet clients. If you have not yet sent over your count, please reach out to Kim Ferguson with your count or for further instructions.

In addition, the following is a summary of major changes in relation to VMware’s Carbon Black and End User Computing products and services.

Carbon Black

Originally, VMware by Broadcom had indicated they would divest Carbon Black; however, after careful review Broadcom determined Carbon Black filled gaps in their current Symantec product and therefore will be retained. We also recently received confirmation VMware will continue to sell Carbon Black products independently (not part of a bundle) while making some adjustments to SKUs as it transitions into Broadcom systems. These changes are expected to be minor and most products will continue to be sold in their current form (or similar) and at similar price points. Pricing will be sensor/endpoint/server based as that is much more common in the security space and will not be core based.

Horizon and Workspace ONE

VMware has completed the divestiture of their End User Computing (EUC) products and services which will now be sold by a new company, OMNISSA. The current EUC products and service offerings, including Horizon and Workspace ONE, are available for renewals or conversion to the new term-based licensing model. All new EUC product and service purchases will only be available on term pricing, and the term pricing will be based on named licenses and not cores. Please review VMware's Customer Connect article for additional information.

In the future, OARnet will be required to execute a new agreement with OMNISSA as the new company begins operations; however, these products and services are still available under our current VMware agreement.