Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management is the utilization of an application with the capability to identify Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) on devices that are likely to be used by attackers to compromise a device and use it as a platform from which to extend compromise to the network, combined with risk management and reporting activities.

Client Benefits

  • Cost savings due to aggregate purchase of cybersecurity services
  • Customizable risk-based visibility into your organization's vulnerabilities
  • Actionable intelligence to mitigate vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them

OARnet Provides

  • Consultation and support for ordering service including assistance with identifying recommended capacity 

Client Requirements

  • Provide the necessary device count to OARnet to support their vulnerability management subscription
  • Provide OARnet with a contact and escalation list for their organization in the OARnet Gateway application

Service Cost

  • Contact your Client Services Representative for more information.