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OARnet is the main Educational Site License program contact in the state of Ohio for Esri, maker of ArcGIS. Esri's educational licensing options are designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, schools, and districts of any size. The available one-year license contract allows for unlimited use of ArcGIS and other Esri products covered in the program for teaching and research purposes.

There are changes taking place in the FY2025 fiscal year that will impact the OARnet ESRI members.

The ArcMap or ArcGIS Desktop product is moving to “Mature Support” in March 2024 and will no longer be part of the ESRI Education Site License Agreement. Users are encouraged to migrate over to ArcGIS Pro and can reference this article from ESRI on “Modern GIS” for more information. If you need assistance or have questions, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket.

Technology Details

ArcGIS Pro Detailed Information

NOTE: Your campus will need an ArcGIS Online instance for licensing ArcGIS Pro if you don’t have one already.  Please open a ticket with us and we’ll work with ESRI to get this setup for you.

User, Software, and Training Management

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