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OARnet is the main Educational Site License program contact in the state of Ohio for Esri, maker of ArcGIS. Esri's educational licensing options are designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, schools and districts of any size. The available one-year license contract allows for unlimited use of ArcGIS and other Esri products covered in the program for teaching and research purposes. It also provides a Virtual Campus User license for web-based training.

Educational Site Licenses provide software for teaching, research, and administrative use throughout an entire educational institution for an annual fee. This includes software and software updates, access to web courses authored by Esri, Esri User Conference passes, and technical support services.

There are two levels of institutions for the program: Ship-to Sites and other participant institutions. Ship-to Sites must request both a license and software directly from Esri. All other institutions will need to download the software from the downloads page.


For more information and license requests, please submit a request.