Emergency Web Hosting

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During a crisis, your Web site becomes a nexus for information. With OARnet's Emergency Web Hosting Service, you will always have a Web site available, even if your network is adversely affected by fire, weather or construction mishaps, or your campus server goes down from sharp increases in traffic.

Client Benefits

  • You control the content by preparing a "standby" web page with vital information for your audience during an emergency.
  • With Emergency Web Hosting, you will have confidence that faculty, students or employees can obtain details that could ensure their safety.
  • Others – from parents to business partners – can be directed to the best place for more information.
  • When activated, OARnet's network level redirection is near instantaneous.

OARnet Provides

  • A dedicated web server with your organization's standby webpage to host the 24x7 service. 
  • One gigabyte of server storage per agreement.
  • Direct, secure and encrypted access to upload messages to the OARnet server.


For more information on Emergency Web Hosting, please contact your client relationship representative or send an email to clientservices@oar.net.