On-Net (IntraOhio)

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OARnet’s 100-gigabit Ethernet network includes connectivity across Ohio (On-Net) that provides speed, redundancy and reliability to all who connect. On-Net (IntraOhio) delivers a wide variety of services and many efficient options for those who connect to OARnet.

On-Net is an integral part of the connection to OARnet. On-Net was the foundation of the network created to supply supercomputer services to all the higher education institutions in Ohio.

Client Benefits

  • Customized services across the network for multiple purposes such as economical disaster recovery between sites on the network
  • Any-to-any point-to-point Layer2 circuits or multipoint L3VPN instances across the OARnet MPLS backbone
  • Connectivity to a choice of multiple datacenters for colocation or Disaster Recovery location on the OARnet network
  • Connect several remote sites via diverse OARnet PoPs
  • Transport multiple applications, data and Internet between locations

OARnet Provides

  • 100-gigabit network connection to services such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center and transports big data between sites in Ohio
  • Numerous research collaborative efforts between healthcare, private companies,and research and development centers across the state connection to various national research networks and labs within Ohio
  • Access to numerous applications that make the connectivity faster, redundant and cost effective without the use of commodity internet
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