OARnet is developing a Quality of Service on its backbone. Read more to see how these changes will improve the service that OARnet provides to its customers. 

Need training on Shibboleth installation? Then we invite you to the InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop, co-sponsored by OARnet. 

Our higher education, K-12 and government communities can now purchase a select set of AirWatch by VMware products through OARnet’s licensing program with VMware and the Ohio Board of Regents. Learn more here.

Network engineers and developers came from Brazil and around the United States for the OARnet-hosted workshop, with the intent of learning more about deploying and using perfSONAR.

The OARnet Annual Report for FY2013/14 is now available online. Learn more about OARnet's achievements, challenges and opportunities over the last year.

OARnet is supplying the network backbone service for the State of Ohio and its agencies, adding nearly 2,300 end-sites to the network.



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As part of the OARnet consortium, your benefits include affordable broadband access, aggregate purchasing programs, and shared services opportunities.

call 1-800-627-6420 or email support at

OARnet believes knowledgeable, prompt customer support is critical to maintaining successful vendor-client relationships. Please let us know how we can help you.

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You can purchase VMware software licenses and support at significantly reduced prices through the University System of Ohio virtualization program. Learn how you can reduce the number of physical servers or computers, while still maintaining performance levels