Pankaj Shah
Executive Director

Pankaj Shah is the executive director of the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) and the Ohio Supercomputer Center. For more than 25 years he has committed himself to the IT infrastructure and broadband initiatives through work in private, public, research and education community,...

Paul Schopis
Chief Technology Officer

As chief technology officer for OARnet, Schopis develops the strategy and implementation of OARnet's optical fiber network and private cloud computing environment. Schopis led the team that designed OARnet's network, one of the nation's leading statewide, high-speed networks for research and...

Denis Walsh
Chief Relationship Officer

Denis Walsh possesses 35 years of experience in networking and telecommunications. Currently, he develops and markets OARnet services to higher education, K-12, research, government and healthcare communities. With a team of client service managers, Walsh ensures OARnet maintains its reputation...

Ann Zimmerman
Client Services Manager, Higher Education

As manager of client services, Ann Zimmerman oversees the client services team that supports members of OARnet, the nation’s leading high-speed research network for K-12, higher education and economic development.

Zimmerman’s team assists colleges and universities in obtaining last-mile...

Mark Fullmer
Network Architect
Letha Butcher
Client Services Manager, K-12, State and Local Government
Christine L. Hansen
Director, Consortia Fiscal Services, Ohio Technology Consortium

Christine Hansen serves as director of consortia fiscal services for the Ohio Technology Consortium. She previously worked for the office of the Ohio Auditor of State, where she served as the chief financial officer and director of performance audits and local government services. Prior to the...

Kelly Sitz
Executive Assistant

As executive assistant, Kelly Sitz manages schedules for OARnet executive management. As a liaison between OARnet and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Sitz helps coordinate projects and activity between the two organizations. She is also the director of the Young Women’s Summer Institute, a...

Justin Costa
Business Office Manager

Justin Costa manages all fiscal and administrative activities for OH-TECH in his role as business manager. This includes providing financial analyses for the consortium, as well as its member organizations: OARnet, the Ohio Supercomputer Center, OhioLink and eStudent Services. He is a member of...

Gary Goettel
Network Operations Manager

As network operations manager for OARnet, Gary Goettel ensures the daily performance and availability of OARnet’s network, including technical oversight of all hardware, software, communication links and monitoring programs. He leads a technical operations team, including the Support Center, and...