Support Center (NOC)

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OARnet believes effective and prompt customer support is critical to maintaining happy and successful vendor-client relationships. The staff works closely with OARnet's network engineers, systems administrators, web developers and video experts to provide prompt, courteous resolutions to client concerns.

OARnet’s around-the-clock support center, with Tier I and Tier II support, provides clients access to outstanding engineering solutions.

For each call or email received, the staff create a log-in to our ticketing system. The system keeps the complete record of every ticket, from the time it is opened until it is closed. We regularly review the open tickets and follow escalation procedures to ensure we resolve all issues in the shortest time possible.

When planned maintenance is scheduled, we make every effort to send an email to each affected site with details on the planned maintenance to your Gateway Maintenance contacts. If you have any maintenance plans at your site, please let us know in advance if it will affect your OARnet connectivity.

To contact the support center, click here.

Client Contacts

Reliable and up-to-date client contact information is imperative to OARnet's ability to resolve outages, keep your organization informed of scheduled maintenance events and enable your organization to request service changes. Clients maintain their contact information for their organization through the OARnet Gateway

To contact the support center, click here.