Trouble Reporting, Status & Contacting OARnet

Trouble Reporting

The OARnet Service Desk is available 24x7x365 to help you with your service. Providing OARnet with pertinent details enables OARnet to process your request or issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Customer Security

Our customer security is of the utmost importance. Our Service Desk relies on the information you provide in Gateway to ensure we are working with authorized representatives for your organization.

If OARnet is unable to authorize a caller, the Service Desk will capture the caller information in a Case and follow-up with your appropriate authorized contacts. This will also act as notification to your organization when unauthorized callers attempt to reach OARnet on your behalf.

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Contacting the Service Desk

Please be prepared to provide the following information so we can better assist you:

  • A Case Number for existing Cases; a new Case will be created if one does not exist
  • Name of the organization or department for which you are calling about and represent.
  • The site you are calling about
    • Helpful when the Service Desk must find site-specific contact information
  • Your name and contact information
  • Please specify if you are a support center or NOC representative

OARnet supports many organizations with very similar names. Providing your unique site name and organization is a helpful way to disambiguate yourself.


  • I'm calling to follow up on the status of Case number OAR-CS00000.
  • I'm reporting an issue for Founders University at the Grove Hall site.
  • I'm with the IT SupportNOW unit for Founders University.

Ensure efficiency

  • Verify that your team members, support centers and third-party contacts are assigned to appropriate Roles in Gateway to ensure that OARnet staff is authorized to work with them.
  • Share this document with your staff and third-party contacts.

Reporting an Issue

Please collect as many facts as possible about your issue—in addition to the information above—before contacting the Service Desk.

Helpful information to collect before you contact OARnet: 

  • The Case number if one exists on this issue for your organization
  • Specific error messages you've received
  • Date and times that you’ve observed the problem
  • Source and destination IP addresses or DNS site names
  • A traceroute from the source address to the destination address demonstrating the problem
  • Ping tests demonstrating packet loss

How to contact the Service Desk

The Service Desk is always available to help you with your service and may be reached via phone or email.

How to track issues

A Case will be created for requests and issue reports in OARnet's ticketing system, ServiceNow. The system generates a tracking number, which will be provided when you contact the OARnet Service Desk. The tracking number provides a database for monitoring, communicating and escalating issues.

Issue Escalation

Review our escalation policy to request escalation of an outage or service issue at any time.

Client Authorized Contacts

Clients maintain their contact information for their organization through the OARnet Gateway to ensure authorization, accuracy and efficiency. Your Gateway Editors maintain your organization's contacts. 

If you need help with your Gateway information or see invalid organization or site names, please contact the Service Desk.