Governance, Boards & Committees

Advisory Board

The Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents (now the Department of Higher Education) established new OARnet governance in 2011. Complete text and an addendum are available for download: Directive 2011-023 Consolidation of Consortia [pdf].

A joint OSC-OARnet Advisory Board recommends broad policy guidelines for OARnet and periodically reviews its program and operations, with special attention to ensuring that the management and operation of the network supports the State of Ohio's goals for higher education, P-12 education, economic development, and the goals of its state agencies. Advisory Board meetings are at the Department of Higher Education office. The Department of Higher Education announces the meetings. Information can be found at

Ohio Department of Higher Education CIO Advisory Board

Member institutions are encouraged to participate on the Ohio Department of Higher Education CIO Advisory Board, as representation ensures that member institutions are given a voice in the future direction of the network, shared services and evolving technologies. The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education appoints members of the committee to advise him/her on the development and direction of the integrated technology infrastructure needed to support the Ohio Department of Higher Education's education and technology programs. The members of this committee includes chief information officers or equivalent senior administrative officials responsible for information technology from Ohio’s public and private not-for-profit universities and community colleges, as well as representatives from private industry.

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DHE-CIO Advisory Board Subcommittees

Three advisory board subcommittees are co-chaired by representatives from the DHE-CIO Advisory Board, with members representing public and private four-year institutions and public two-year institutions. The subcommittees are:

  • IT Efficiency and Strategic Capacity. Creates efficiencies by identifying opportunities for virtualization and consolidation and evaluating outsourcing.
  • Technology and Security. Promotes the continual development of OARnet's services, including identity management.
  • Budget and Finance. Searches for cost saving opportunities. They also review financial practices involving the Chancellor's plan.

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OARtech provides a forum for technology staff from OARnet's member institutions to exchange ideas and share best practices. Attendees also provide OARnet with advice and suggestions on technical issues germane to the organization. All OARnet clients are invited to attend the bi-monthly meetings.

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Fiscal Agent

The Ohio Department of Higher Education created OARnet as a consortium, which conducts its affairs under the administrative supervision of The Ohio State University. The Ohio State University is the legal entity, which is responsible for all contractual obligations of OARnet.