MPLS L3VPN & L2 Circuits

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An MPLS-based Layer3 Virtual Private Network (L3VPN) enables a client to utilize private and public IPv4 and IPv6 routing domains across the OARnet backbone. An L3VPN allows for a virtual dedicated any-to-any communication network between many remote locations.

Layer2 (L2) circuits are provisioned for clients requiring dedicated point-to-point connectivity and may be used to implement private interconnects between organizations or connecting to remote locations.

L2 circuits and L3VPN’s are available for customers at any location connected to the OARnet MPLS backbone and can be used concurrently with other services.

Client Benefits

  • Colocation connectivity
  • Remote campuses
  • Extend campus services
  • Partnerships between clients
  • Video distribution (multicast)
  • IP telephony distribution
  • Private services across OARnet backbone
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