OARsec (OARnet Security Working Group)



An information sharing body for OARnet security community. “Sharing experiences, practices, and responses amongst organizations has long been known to improve operations in those individual organizations, and in those communities.”


  1. Share security information and practices
  2. Improve security operations and response
  3. Build more favorable partnerships with security vendors

OARsec Structure


  1. OARnet Liaison: Faaress Parham
  2. Community chair: Open


  1. Discussion mailing list oarsec@lists.oar.net
  2. Maintain a contact database of security contacts at member institutions
  3. 3 to 4 in-person meetings per year (location flexible, but can be held at OARnet)

Standing agenda items

  1. Sharing security best practices
  2. Developing security operations and response standards
  3. Commercial security vendor presentations and workshops