Pre-ARRA Funding Post ARRA-Funding
Map of Ohio: Counties color divided by organization - Western: ComNet (Orange), Inc, Northern:OneCommunity (Blue), Southern: Horizon (green). With OARnet current PoPs and backbone, Pre-Funding Map of Ohio: Counties are colored by organization, western: ComNet,Inc, Northern:OneCommunity, Southern:Horizon. Shows expanded connected PoPs and fiber

Ohio Middle Mile Consortium (OMMC) partners Com Net, Inc., Horizon Telcom, OneCommunity and OARnet formed a public-private partnership to create a comprehensive statewide plan to expand broadband infrastructure to the underserved and unserved areas of the state. This plan focuses on community anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals, public safety and local governments to ensure the development of an affordable and sustainable broadband program.

OMMC member organizations are collaborating to provide Ohioans with statewide IP, ethernet and fiber wavelength broadband services.

Through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects, Horizon Telcom, Com Net Inc., and OneCommunity are netting Ohio $200 million in federal, state and private investment. OARnet is a sub-recipient in the grants of the three companies.