Ohio GigaPop


Facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation and technology transfer of advanced, network-based applications and network services to further Ohio leadership in research and higher education and accelerate the availability of new services and applications on the Internet.


  • Enable a new generation of applications
  • Recreate a leading edge research and education network capability
  • Transfer new capabilities to the global production Internet

Some additional specific objectives have been set forth:

Demonstrate new applications that can dramatically enhance researchers' ability to collaborate and conduct experiments

Demonstrate enhanced delivery of education and other services (e.g., health care, environmental monitoring) by taking advantage of "virtual proximity" created by an advanced communications infrastructure

Support development and adoption of advanced applications by providing middleware and development tools

Facilitate development, deployment, and operation of an affordable communications infrastructure, capable of supporting differentiated Quality of Service (QoS) based on applications requirements of the research and education community

Promote experimentation with the next generation of communications technologies

Coordinate adoption of agreed working standards and common practices among participating institutions to ensure end-to-end quality of service and interoperability

Catalyze partnerships with governmental and private sector organizations

Encourage transfer of technology from Internet2 to the rest of the Internet

Study impact of new infrastructure, services and applications on higher education and the Internet community in general.