Multi-Domain Network Performance Sampling

The "network awareness" gap

In this project, we are working towards helping the advanced networking community to overcome the “network awareness” gap! Specifically, we are developing multi-domain network status sampling techniques and tools to measure/analyze multi-layer performance on the Internet. The expected project outcomes are enhanced scheduling algorithms, measurement federation policies, and tools to sample multi-domain and multi-layer network status with active/passive measurements. We also are working towards validating our algorithms and policies with measurement analysis tools for network weather forecasting, anomaly detection, and fault-diagnosis.

The deployment of the project outcomes will be on testbeds to support networking for DOE science. For e.g., we will deploy our tools in the DOE’s E-Center for network performance monitoring of Tier-1 to Tier-2 Large Hadron Collider sites consuming data feeds from CERN (Tier-0). The project collaborators include: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, FermiLab, Bucknell University, University of Delaware, and Internet2.

Project Team

  • Prasad Calyam, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)
  • Mukundan Sridharan, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Lakshmi Kumaraswamy (Graduate Research Associate)
  • Pu Jialu (Student Research Assistant)



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