H.323 Beacon Tool Project News

  • H.323 Beacon Linux Server Version 1.5 (Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Patches) along with Debian and RPM packages (All Linux version files) released in October 2005
  • H.323 Beacon featured in Wainhouse Research Whitepaper - "Super-Sized Bandwidth and Two-Way Video in the Classroom", August 2004
  • H.323 Beacon whitepaper accepted for publication at the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Network Troubleshooting, Portland, October 2004
  • H.323 Beacon Presentation (Version 1.4), Joint Techs Workshop, Columbus, Ohio,
    July 2004
  • H.323 Beacon used in a research paper accepted for PAM2004 Workshop, France, February 2004.
  • H.323 Beacon featured in Apparent Networks Whitepaper, December 2003.
  • First large-scale public test of the H.323 Beacon conducted during Megaconference-V , December 2003.
  • H.323 Beacon Presentation (Version 1.3), Internet2 Fall 2003 Member Meeting, October 2003, Indianapolis, IN
  • H.323 Beacon recommended by Polycom, September 2003. [Government]
    [IT Professionals]
  • H.323 Beacon project hosted on Sourceforge.net, September 2003
  • H.323 Beacon Demo (Version 1.2) at the Windows on the Future 2003, March 2003, Columbus, OH
  • H.323 Beacon Presentation, OARtech, December 2002, Columbus, OH
  • H.323 Beacon at SC2002 (Booth# R513), November 2002, Baltimore
  • H.323 Beacon Presentation, Internet2 Fall 2002 Member Meeting, October 2002,
    Los Angeles
  • H.323 Beacon Version 1.0 released in October 2002