How to Order

Step 1: Request a Quote

OARnet has contracted with Carahsoft to support quote requests. You may contact Carahsoft directly to request a quote at:; or you may contact your Broadcom TAM team (Technical Account Manager*) for assistance in developing your quote. The team can be reached at The team consists of multiple TAMs (Aaron Ellis, Arron King, David Ralston and Marshall Cline) and works as a group to cover all of OARnet.

*NOTE: Broadcom dedicated TAMs are full-time, cross-functional advisors who work with your organization to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives to assist with properly licensing your VMware environment.

Please go to Product Details & Pricing for additional information.

Step 2: Procure Payment

Orders are submitted only after receipt of purchase order or payment confirmation email. Invoicing occurs following order fulfillment.

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • Purchase Order (PO) - preferred
    • Email your PO to:
    • Include the correct vendor address: The Ohio State University, P.O. Box 182905, Columbus, OH 43218-2905
    • Reference the quote number

NOTE: If the above information is not included, order processing may be delayed.

  • Payment Confirmation Email – for use if PO cannot be procured. Send an email to stating that your organization [entity name] will remit total amount [total on quote] to purchase quote [quote number] when invoiced.

Step 3: Submit Order

Upon review, you will be alerted of any action items or emailed a confirmation from Carahsoft with a timeline for fulfillment.

Step 4: Billing

OARnet invoicing occurs following notification of order fulfillment.

  • After you receive your invoice, visit this site for payment.
    • Payment methods:
      • ACH electronic funds transfer
      • Credit card [Note: There is a 2.85% card processing fee.]
      • Check
        • Make your check payable to: The Ohio State University dba OARnet.
        • Mail your check to: The Ohio State University, Accounts Receivable, P.O. Box 182905, Columbus, OH 43218-2905.
        • Reference the invoice number on the check.

Questions concerning invoices may be directed to the OARnet business office: Troy Dillon: • phone: 614-292-9381.

Additional Information

Client Eligibility

Under partnership with The Ohio State University (OSU), the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Ohio Department Administrative Services Office of Information Technology (DAS OIT) and VMware, OARnet established an aggregate purchasing program for our clients. OARnet clients include: all Ohio colleges and universities, Ohio K-12 schools, State of Ohio agencies and local government members of the DAS OIT Cooperative Purchasing Program (Co-Op).

[Download EULA]

Members of the State of Ohio Co-Op may participate in purchasing VMware by Broadcom from OARnet. You may find more information regarding the Co-Op as well as application instructions on the DAS OIT Co-Op website.

Sole Source Renewals

An organization renewing perpetual VMware by Broadcom software or services purchased under the Ohio State University VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) may only renew through OARnet. New VMware by Broadcom licenses purchased under this contract, either directly through OARnet or through an authorized partner, are technically the property of OARnet for the duration of this agreement. In the event of termination, the licenses shall be transferred to the end user to seek renewal outside of OARnet.

Purchase Authority

The State of Ohio does not have a state contract number or STS (State Term Schedule) associated with VMware. The State of Ohio is utilizing an existing Ohio Revised Code as its purchase authority for VMware: ORC 127.16(D)(23).

Please contact your VMware by Broadcom representative with OARnet at for additional information.