Vulnerability Scan Hosting

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OARnet vulnerability scan hosting provides our clients with a site outside their network, which offers a VMware environment for OARnet clients to deploy their security software. This approach enables our clients to test their network for vulnerabilities from outside threats and eliminates the need to purchase equipment, an off-site location or subcontract with a third party for testing.

Client Benefits

  • Cost savings as a result of not having to purchase equipment or set up an environment outside their network
  • Eliminates the need to purchase the service from a third party to perform security scanning outside their network, resulting in cost savings

OARnet Provides

  • Hardware and location to perform the service
  • Network connectivity required to perform the security scan
  • Network connectivity to your storage

Client Requirements

  • Install and operate their security software in the OARnet VMware environment

Service Cost

  • Monthly recurring cost of $300 per virtual scanner
For more information, please send an email to or contact your client relationship representative:
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