Identity Access Management (IAMOhio)

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Federated Identity Access Management of Ohio (IAMOhio)


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Federated Identity makes it possible for students and faculty to access resources at multiple campuses through a single account. With federated identity:

Your existing academic login becomes a single, trusted, enabling, passport to education, research, and collaboration opportunities throughout Ohio.

  • Single ID to use and remember
  • Trusted to protect privacy and security
  • Enabling access to academic services
  • Passport that's accepted throughout the University System of Ohio


For Students

  • A single user id and password to remember
  • Easy access to educational resources across Ohio and the world
  • Personal information is protected and secure

For Educators & Researchers

  • Focus on creating learning and research tools, not on IT
  • Control access to restricted content
  • Comply with US Federal regulations (FERPA, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Streamline access to Federal grant systems (NIH, NSF, etc.)

For IT Staff

  • Eliminate redundant systems and data
  • Deliver stronger, more secure identity and access management
  • Reduce access-related support costs

Use Cases

Shared wireless access

  • Students, faculty and staff can get Internet access not only at their own campus, but when visiting other member institutions – simply by opening their laptop

Example: Two institutions share a campus and a wireless network, but provide appropriate services to their own users based on identity.

Collaborative research

  • Authorized researchers from multiple institutions can securely share access to systems and data sources – without an extra credentialing and authentication process

Example: Cancer researchers from across the state share study data with each other, while preventing unauthorized access and complying with federal regulations.

Web single-sign on

  • Users can easily move between applications at their own institution or at other member institutions – using a single login

Example: A consortium of colleges and universities provides a unified web portal for prospective students to select the 'best fit' academic program from among all the members of the consortium.