Higher Education

BGSU goes 'out on a limb,' moves data center

In 2010, BGSU was using 400-600 Mbps of commodity Internet connection. Today, they are up to 2.0 Gbps of commodity Internet traffic from OARnet, with over 30 applications operating in the cloud, a far cry from the 10 they once had. BGSU will begin eliminating its sub-Tier-1 data center on campus and move to a Tier-3 data center in Toledo, which currently serves as BGSU’s node to OARnet. This capability would not have been possible without OARnet’s 100 Gbps network and its extremely competitive pricing.

Eduroam makes wireless access easier for higher ed students, faculty

Eduroam — “edu” for education, “roam” for roaming or traveling — is a secure, worldwide roaming access service that allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet anywhere through their home campus. Eduroam is available in nearly 80 countries and at thousands of institutions, including many throughout Ohio. 

Fostoria Learning Center offers high-tech training, development options with OARnet connectivity

Ninety percent of the people who live in Fostoria, Ohio, live and work in or near the same small city. Unfortunately, to receive the training necessary for jobs, most people have to travel at least 30 minutes outside the rural northwestern Ohio town to access community colleges or training centers. That changed with the opening of the Fostoria Learning Center this past fall. With connectivity from OARnet, the learning center in the heart of Fostoria hosts training and education classes, including an injection of technology the area sorely needed.

Franklin University: High speed connectivity a boon for online degree-seekers

Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio is a poster child for adult degree programs, with online enrollment comprising approximately 80 percent of its credit hours. Throw in 16 co-locations and branch campuses around the state, and it’s clear why strong network connections are essential to its operations. This is why high-speed broadband connectivity through OARnet’s 100 Gbps network is so critical to the university’s operations.

High-speed connectivity makes remote microscopy possible at CEMAS

As if it isn’t amazing enough that the researchers at The Ohio State University's Center for Electron Microscopy and AnalysiS (CEMAS) can peer into the atomic-level workings of structural materials and biological systems, they are now operating their electron microscopes from the next room. Soon, they can use OARnet connectivity to do the same work from the next university or, eventually, the next continent.

Kent State network shift saves headaches, dollars

With one of the largest regional campus systems in the nation, Kent State delivers an academic experience equivalent to their main campus counterparts to more than 12,000 regional campus students, but closer to home. The regional campus experience includes the same virtual learning and Internet environment, thanks to network cloud adoption.

Otterbein University receives connectivity for collaboration

At Otterbein University, approximately 3,000 students pursue study in areas ranging from the Arts to athletics to community service. It would be no surprise, that in chasing these lofty goals, very few of those students likely grasp a full understanding of the technology infrastructure required for them to achieve success. The job of making sure that infrastructure is running at “four nines,” or 99.99 percent uptime, belongs to Dave Bender, executive director of information and technology services, and he regularly turns to OARnet to help make that happen.

Otterbein’s STEAM innovation hub can point to OARnet for reliable connectivity

In a buzzing classroom of wood-top tables, groups of engineering students huddle around the instruments they’ve created. They adjust knobs, trim wires and even paint a spectrum of colors across 3D-printed fretboards and sound boxes. They need to win the bid for their clients – music students in another class. This collaboration is possible because of Otterbein University’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) Innovation Center – housed at a new high-tech facility called The Point.

Owens Community College Prepares Students Through Cloud-Based Courses With Help From OARnet

Owens Community College prides itself on helping students become skilled and confident additions to the workforce. One way the school is working towards that goal is by offering numerous information technology (IT) courses, which represent high-value training for many of the jobs that are currently in high demand.