About OARnet VMWare

OARnet Overview

OARnet identifies and deploys shared services that reduce costs, deliver high-quality programs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

At the core of its shared services program, OARnet negotiates highly competitive, aggregate pricing on technology services for its education and government clients.

Under partnership with The Ohio State University (OSU), the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Ohio Department Administrative Services Office of Information Technology (DAS OIT) and VMware, OARnet established an aggregate purchasing program for our clients. OARnet clients include: all Ohio colleges and universities, Ohio K-12 schools, State of Ohio agencies and local government members of the DAS OIT Cooperative Purchasing Program (Co-Op).

Members of the State of Ohio Co-Op may participate in purchasing VMware from OARnet. You may find more information regarding the Co-Op as well as application instructions on the DAS OIT Co-Op website.

VMware Overview

A global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, VMware accelerates digital transformation by enabling freedom and flexibility in how customers build and evolve their IT environments. Virtualization, cloud and mobility solutions are enabling a software-defined data center for Ohio’s government and education sectors.

Client Advantages:

  • Increased cost savings
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Improved security
  • Faster provisioning of applications and resources
  • Greater business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs when upgrading your IT environment
  • Increased IT agility, flexibility and scalability
  • Reduced physical footprint of IT infrastructure
  • Reduced carbon footprint by utilizing an efficient and economic use of energy



A full suite of VMware products and services are offered through OARnet at a significantly reduced cost. Visit the VMware Products page to view details.


OARnet clients receive VMware’s Production-level Support & Subscription (SnS), the highest level of support. OARnet customers may select the renewal period that best accommodates their needs: 1-, 2-, or 3-year maintenance terms are available for perpetual licenses; and 1- to 5-year terms are available for SaaS/subscription products. View additional details regarding VMware’s Production-level Support.

Training & Certifications

VMware Education provides training and certification programs to build your knowledge and expertise. For more information, please log in to mylearn.vmware.com.

Professional Service Credits (PSOs) are available at discounted pricing to acquire VMware training, consulting services and VMware Explore (formerly VMworld) registration. The consulting services and training may come from either VMware directly or a partner who accepts PSO credits as payment.
TAMs (Technical Account Managers)

As an added benefit, OARnet customers receive VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) post-sale support at no additional cost. VMware TAMs deliver access to VMware experts and tools to help optimize the performance of your implementation. This service includes complimentary VMware health analysis, best practice review, product information, upgrade planning, support escalations, VMware portal permissions and monthly newsletter.


OARnet has contracted with Carahsoft, the trusted Government IT solutions provider, to assist with VMware quoting, license key management and vendor distribution. OARnet customers enjoy many benefits from this extended resource, including proactive maintenance renewal quotes with the option to co-term to a single maintenance renewal date.