How issues are escalated

The technical, administrative, or billing contact(s) of record from your organization may request escalation of an issue at any time.  If an issue remains unresolved, it will be escalated from the current level to the next higher level within OARnet in the following manner until it is resolved.  You may also request an escalation of your problem until you feel you are satisfied.  Escalation requests can be made through the Service Desk and your issue will be escalated through the following levels.

Levels of escalation

  1. Service Desk Shift Supervisor
  2. Service Desk Manager
  3. Operations Manager
  4. Director of Networking & Operations
  5. OARnet Director

When an issue is escalated, the person the issue is escalated to is to contact the client within 30 minutes of receiving the escalation to let the client know the escalation has been made and the current status of the ticket.

Post-mortem review of an outage

Please contact the Service Desk with the trouble ticket number for the status of a service issue. System-wide outages and their resolutions will be noted on our outages website

When visiting the website, outage information may be found in the Planned Maintenance, Current Outages, and Security/Virus Advisory sections. Outages will be reported within two days on the website. It is the responsibility of the Service Desk to provide outage notifications to our clients either through, direct client contact, or both.