Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Specs

BGP Peering

BGP peering is required for multi-homing (when a Client has more than one service provider).

Communities OARnet will accept from a client

Suppress advertisements to peer
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-AKAMAI members 65500:21357 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-BLUEMILE members 65500:11013 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-GOOGLE members 65500:15169 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-GOOGLECACHE members 65500:65535 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-HE members 65500:6939 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-NETFLIX members 65500:40027 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-QWEST members 65500:209 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-TRCPS members 65500:11164 
OARNET-AS600-SUPPRESS-ZAYO members 65500:6461 

Suppress advertisements to most peers, advertise with a low metric to Transit providers
OARNET-AS600-BACKUP-ONLY members 600:11

[5] Available Peering Routing Views

Route Description
Default Route Send all non-campus traffic to OARnet
OARnet Client Routes Allows the client to have more control over traffic
Peering Routes OARnet peers to another provider and shares our routes with that provider
Internet2 Internet2 members have access to the national network routes
Transit Full routing table - get every single route on the internet

Autonomous System Number (ASN)

Private Public

Private ASN numbers are included when a client is multihoned through OARnet.

600 - OARnet ASN for internet connection
3112 - Internet2 ASN

Public ASNs are purchased by the client from Arin, paid yearly.