Trouble Reporting & Status

Trouble Reporting

Problem Reporting Process

The Support Center (NOC) is available 24x7x365 to help you with your service. The problem reporting process outlined below describes how service issues are addressed when working with the Support Center.

Preparing to report an issue

Authorized listed contacts in the Gateway from your organization may contact OARnet to report a service issue.  The authorized contact will be verified before making any changes to your service.

Please collect as much information as possible about the service issue before contacting the Support Center. Detailed information may not be available to you regarding the issue, but every bit of information you can provide will help the Support Center find and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Helpful information to collect before you contact the Support Center includes:

  • Specific error messages received
  • Date and beginning/end time of problem
  • Source and destination IP addresses or DNS site names
  • A trace route from the source address to the destination address demonstrating the problem
  • Trouble ticket number if you are contacting the Support Centeron a previously reported issue.

How to contact the Support Center (NOC)

The Support Center is always available to help you with your service and may be reached via phone or email.

How to track issues

Every call or email into the Support Center is logged into ServiceNow. The system generates a tracking number, which will be given to you when a problem is reported, and provides a database for monitoring, communicating, and escalating issues within OARnet operations.

Issue Escalation

Review our escalation policy to request escalation of an outage or service issue at any time.