Client Contacts

Reliable and up-to-date client contact information is imperative to OARnet's ability to resolve outages, keep your organization informed of scheduled maintenance events and enable your organization to request service changes.

Clients maintain their contact information for their organization through the OARnet Gateway.

Only Authorized Contacts Can: 


  • Request Service Changes

  • Receive Notifications 

Well Maintained Contacts: 


  • Enables OARnet to process requests efficiently

  • Keeps you informed 

  • Keeps you secure


The OARnet Service Desk can only accept change requests and trouble reports from eligible Gateway contacts. This helps prevent an unauthorized person interfere with your service.

Failure to keep your contacts current may result in interruption of:

  • Outage and maintenance notifications to your organization
  • Members of your organization being able to open tickets with the Service Desk and resolve issue
  • Service requests for bandwidth increases, DNS changes, additional IP addresses and other technical requests
  • Security information to your organization about spam alerts, phishing attacks, DDOS and other internet abuse.

OARnet has defined contact roles to enable efficient and effective communication between your organization and OARnet.

All required roles must have a contact assigned (even if it's the same contact). First Name, Last Name, Title, email and at least one phone number (office or mobile) is required for each contact.

Keeping up-to-date
It is important to remove individuals who are no longer with your organization from the Gateway and assign a different contact to any roles they were assigned. Temporary contact changes (i.e. accommodating for vacation or leave) are managed by assigning a different or new contact to the role for the timeframe.

Child locations and organizations
If you have multiple locations or organizations, by default they inherit the contacts from your main location. You may override those contacts on a location or organization level.

How to update your contacts

  1. Review the OARnet Usage / Contact Policy and roles carefully.
  2. Identify who at your organization will maintain your contact information and have them follow steps 3-5.
  3. Review the Gateway information page for registration and IP address access. The first two people to register will automatically be "Gateway Editors" and be able to make contact changes.[1] [2]
  4. Create a contact list by clicking Contacts in the submenu. Click Add Contact. First Name, Last Name, Title, email and at least one phone number (office or mobile) are required for each contact.
  5. Then go to the Roles page by clicking Roles in the submenu. Assign your contacts to roles by clicking the edit button next to the role. Each required role must have a contact, even if it’s the same contact.
    • To add additional contacts to roles, click the Add Role button.
  6. Keep your contacts and roles up-to-date to match any changes in your staff to prevent any miscommunication or interruption in service.

How OARnet uses your contacts

OARnet Contact Policy PDF

Outage and Troubleshooting

OARnet will notify and work with your Escalation (8-5pm) and After Hours (outside of 8-5pm) contacts on file in order of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. If OARnet is unable to reach the designated contacts they will try the Last Resort. For each contact, OARnet will attempt the office line and the mobile line, if provided. If there is no answer a voicemail will be left before moving onto the next contact. When all designated contacts are exhausted the issue is escalated internally.

Configuration changes

The Support Center will only accept configuration change requests from individuals in the Administrative and Technical contact roles. Administrative, Technical or DNS contact roles may request DNS changes. Configuration changes include bandwidth increases, temporary cap removals or any change that could adversely affect a client's connection or services, such as router or domain changes.


 OARnet will notify your Security Operations contact(s) for alerts and notification related to security operations and incident response (such as spam alerts, phishing attacks, DDOS, copyright violations or other Internet abuse notifications. For legal, security related service changes or policy related communications, OARnet will contact your Security Executive if one has been identified. If a Security Executive is not identified, we will contact the Executive contact. Note that at some institutions the CISO may not be a member of the networking or core IT groups.

Trouble Reports

OARnet can only accept trouble reports from listed contacts. We will consult with your Administrative contact for all incidents reported from non-eligible contacts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Gateway Access

Please visit the Gateway information page to learn how to register for an account.