Press Releases


Columbus, Ohio  (August 5, 2005) - The world' first Gigaconference videoconferencing event opened at noon EST today to showcase the use of high-end, high-performance videoconferencing equipment. The Internet2 Commons and Codian Corp are sponsoring the event.

WHAT: The Ohio Supercomputer Center and Wright State University are co-sponsoring a one-day conference on November 10, 1997 on the topics of network applications for collaboration, visualization, and virtual reality.


Columbus, Ohio (July 14, 2003) - The Ohio SchoolNet Commission and the Ohio Department of Education have joined the Third Frontier Network as founding members of the nation’s most advanced statewide fiber optic service for education and research.

Columbus, Ohio -  The Ohio Supercomputer Center, in conjunction with The Ohio State University and Internet2, will jointly host the seventh annual Megaconference December 1, 2005. Megaconference is the world's largest simultaneous connection of Internet videoconferencing communication devices.


(Editor’s note: The OARnet fiber-optic network before 2009 was referred to as OSCnet, and earlier, the Third Frontier Network.)


Columbus, Ohio (October 6, 2009) - The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $287,000 to the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Ohio Academic Resources Network to devise new, more effective techniques that will improve the performance of the next generation of computer networks.

Columbus, Ohio (June 16, 2011) — Com Net, Inc., Horizon Telcom and OneCommunity, collectively awarded a total of $141.3 million in federal stimulus funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have received the go-ahead to break ground on their projects. The awarded projects will add more than 3,600 new miles of broadband fiber throughout Ohio. 


The 7th annual Megaconference is set for Thursday December 1, 2005., from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST. This annual event is sponsored by the Internet2 Commons and supported by many national and international organizations, manufacturers and vendors. There is no cost for participation.

The Quilt has announced that Hudnall Croasdale will serve as Executive Director beginning August 1. Croasdale succeeds Gwendolyn Huntoon, The Quilt’s executive director since October 2001, and Assistant Director for Networking at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.


Columbus, Ohio (January 29, 2010) - Marshall University students, faculty and staff members now have access to the nation’s premier research and education network through a partnership with OARnet, Ohio’s statewide research and education network.

Internet2® is an ultrafast, nationwide networking consortium that connects close to 70,000 research and educational institutions in the U.S. and interconnects with 80 international research networks worldwide.