Speedtest, a product offered by Ookla, offers advanced performance monitoring and measuring of Internet connections around the world. OARnet is currently offering this service via connection to servers in Columbus. Additional servers in Dayton, Cleveland, and Akron are expected to be deployed in 2021. OARnet’s custom Speedtests allows for aggregation with data from Ookla, including:

  • Speedtest Intelligence for Fixed Networks
    • Utilizes broadband data (results from browsers, native apps or mobile devices connected over Wi-Fi) that are analyzed to visualize aggregate performance coverage in Ohio. 
  • Speedtest Intelligence for Mobile Networks 
    • Utilizes mobile data (results from mobile devices using Speedtest applications) to aggregate and analyze data that allows you to visualize performance coverage in specific markets
  • Cell Analytics
    • Allows the user to view performance and signal data from mobile device background scans and assesses indoor and outdoor user behavior and network conditions from crowdsourced measurements. 
    • Allows users to define an area of interest and import custom layers. 
  • TowerSource  
    • Visual analysis application with tower data covering the entire state of Ohio, updated monthly by the Ookla Research team.
    • Platform features: elevation and measuring tools; comprehensive search and filter capabilities; save custom maps with tower asset info