Next Generation 911

Next Generation 911 (NG 911) takes emergency response operations from analog to digital, providing faster, more reliable services when communities need it most. NG 911 modernizes 911 infrastructure to accommodate how people communicate today by allowing the public to share richer, more detailed data -such as videos, images and texts- with 911 call centers. It also enhances the ability of 911 call centers to communicate with each other and improves system resiliency. 

OARnet’s role in the NG 911 service is transport and statewide infrastructure design to ensure the necessary redundancy and geodiversity for these critical emergency communications. OARnet also functions as the network operating the statewide Ohio Emergency Services IP Network (ESINet), a required element for NG 911 systems to fully function. 

OARnet is managing the networking aspects of Ohio’s pilot program for NG 911, which currently serves 6 counties.