Eduroam makes wireless access easier for higher ed students, faculty

Eduroam — “edu” for education, “roam” for roaming or traveling — is a secure, worldwide roaming access service that allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to connect to the internet anywhere through their home campus. Eduroam is available in nearly 80 countries and at thousands of institutions, including many throughout Ohio. 

OPLIN reaches new areas, new savings with OARnet

When OARnet’s Middle Mile Consortium began in 2010, it boosted the Ohio Public Library Network’s (OPLIN) ability to provide broadband internet connections and related information services to Ohio's public libraries far and wide. In fact, having access to OARnet’s powerful high-speed broadband network is crucial to making sure connections run smoothly at the state's public libraries. To find out more about how OARnet bolster's OPLIN's services, read our newest case study.