Research Network Partners

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OARnet has a high-speed connection to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base/Defense and the NASA Glenn Research Center. OARnet is also Ohio's Internet2 connector and fosters Big Ten higher education connections through participation with OmniPoP.

OARnet clients can view diagrams that display live peering data via our Monitoring Tools. Authorization is required.


In 2013, OARnet completed a 10 Gig connection to NASA Glenn Research Center to provide Ohio researchers direct access to NASA sites across the United States and facilitate research collaboration. NASA Glenn is a test site for technologies such as unmanned aircraft systems.


OARnet is Ohio's Internet2 connector, fostering collaboration possibilities for researchers among institutions, including seeking funding sources for research. Through a coalition of Internet2 member schools, OARnet can provide a higher-speed connection to Internet2 at a cost below that available to any single university.

Aggregate purchase of Internet2 reduces the cost of connector fees, eliminating the need for schools to purchase individual connections. OARnet has two 100 Gbps connections, one in Cleveland and one in Cincinnati.

Higher Education & Regional Optical Network Peers

OARnet recognizes peering will benefit its constituents. By extension of our mission to the greater good of the state, it also acknowledges peering will help create a more robust broadband infrastructure.

OARnet partners with networks and higher education institutions in neighboring states to extend the bounds of research and increase national collaboration among innovators in higher education and beyond.

Our current higher education peers include:


OmniPoP is a fiber-optic network collaboration between the participating Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions, connecting them to each other and to research “hubs” worldwide with very high-speed connectivity. Click here for more information.

OARnet connects to OmniPoP and these groups via OmniPoP:

  • Indiana University
  • InterCampus Communications Network of the University of Illinois (ICCN)
  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Minnesota
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