Videoconferencing Technology Enriches the K-12 Classroom

Apr 27, 2011

Primary and secondary school students from across the world will meet via videoconferencing technology on Feb. 24. The 8th annual Megaconference Jr. will once again provide inspiring educational opportunities for children and teens, with activities and discussion topics from both the humanities and sciences. Schools can still register to participate or watch the live stream online at the Megaconference Jr. website.

OARnet has been a sponsor and participant in Megaconference Jr. since its start. This year, our video support specialists will help prepare for the event and Dr. Bob Dixon, OARnet research engineer, will share an interactive Café presentation entitled "Who's Hat Is That?"

In addition to these Café presentations, volunteer VJ Teams organize interactive and enlightening event programs. The planning and presentation is largely student-driven, with assistance from supervisors. Megaconference Jr. 2011 activities include:

  • Discussion of economics and immigration in Hong Kong
  • Pre-conference musical collaborations with follow-up conversation
  • Study and discussion of the Solar System
  • Global energy consumption discussion
  • Fifteen-minute interactive sessions about reading, writing, and culture
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S-T-E-M) presentations
  • Mock trial demonstration and study of legal systems around the world

Megaconference Jr. is an award-winning program. It received the 2006 Internet IDEA Award followed by four consecutive Berrien Resa hosted Teacher's Choice Awards for "Best Other International Provider."

For registration and technical information, such as videoconferencing specs, please visit