Dixon Wins ADEC Infrastructure Award

May 6, 2004

Doctor Bob Dixon received the “Infrastructure Development Award” from the American Distance Education Consortium at its All-ADEC Meeting on May 6. Dixon won the award for his work on the Transportable Satellite Internet System team in recognition for its continuing contributions in testing and developing new Internet technologies, particularly for work in support of the National Science Foundation-sponsored ADEC Advance Internet Satellite Extension Project. The TSIS team includes Dr. Alan Escovitz, Megan Troyer, and Gabe Moulton.

“I am very pleased to receive this ADEC recognition.  ADEC provides a research environment that requires the practical solution of real-world problems, which help people in need,” Dixon said. “I and the others on our team are stimulated by this opportunity to use our skills for public service.”

Dixon serves a dual role of Senior Systems Developer/Engineer for OARnet and Chief Research Engineer for the OSU Office of the CIO. Alan Escovitz is the Director of External Affairs for OSU-CIO, Megan Troyer serves as Videoconferencing Support Specialist and Site Coordinator for the Intenet2 Commons for both OARnet and OSU, and Gabe Moulton is a Technology Engineer for OSU-CIO.

Dixon also serves on the ADEC Engineering Team and Applications Group in support of the NSF Advance Satellite Internet Extension Project. He is also a member of the Internet2 Commons management team, the Internet2 Digital Video steering committee, the Video Development Initiative (ViDe) steering committee, and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Digital Video Working Group.

Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) elevated Dixon to the grade of Senior Member, the highest professional grade for which application may be made. The IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 382,000 individual members in 150 countries. Only 7 percent of IEEE's members have achieved this Senior Member grade.

“As Director of the Emerging Technologies area in the CIO Office, Bob is committed to improving communication and advancing the technology worldwide,” said Escovitz. “He has kept OARnet and Ohio State operating on the cutting edge by utilizing all technological improvements for maximum educational benefit.”

Dixon and the TSIS team has also contributed significantly in addressing “last-mile” barriers for the rural Appalachian community of southeastern Ohio. A pilot project in New Straitsville, in southern Perry County is helping that community overcome the lack of broadband Internet access with satellite technology developed through OARnet, Ohio State, ADEC, and Tachyon. Working with local community leaders the TSIS team efforts have helped change years of economic decline in one of Ohio’s most distressed regions. New Straitsville is now in the midst of an intensive training project with low-and moderate-income residents to learn medical coding and billing procedures, and provide continuing education and workforce development opportunities.

Dixon and the TSIS team support the ADEC staff and ADEC-member institutions by testing technology to optimize advanced networking applications that will assist distance education professions and the geographically disadvantaged. Their contributions at the edges of the network have enabled the higher education and K-12 communities greater access to educational resources by extending new technology services and applications developed under the Internet satellite project.