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Measured Characteristics


Round-trip delay


High-precision one-way delay


Topology and route changes


Bandwidth capacity: Per-hop


Available bandwidth


Bottleneck bandwidth


UDP transfer bandwidth, Jitter and Loss


Performance of interactive audio/video streams (MOS)

H.323 Beacon

Table-1: Tools used in ActiveMon Measurements Toolkit

Newer tools can be supported in ActiveMon. However, some amount of additional development effort will be required to do so.

  1. What is the development goal of ActiveMon?
    “ActiveMon should be an easily customizable and comprehensive NMI software package that a network engineer can setup and use to routinely monitor performance of network-wide paths using active measurements”
  2. What OS platforms or environments are you planning to support?
    Debian Linux
  3. Is ActiveMon fully developed and available as open-source?
    An alpha version of the software with several features has been developed and deployed on a measurement testbed. See- Based on the deployment experiences, the alpha version is being enhanced to provide better and more consistent functionality. To obtain the alpha version of ActiveMon, please contact Prasad Calyam at
  4. What active measurement tools does ActiveMon support in its toolkit? Can I add other tools to the toolkit?
    To ease setup, we have already selected a set of comprehensive and popular open-source measurement tools. The measurement toolkit currently being used in ActiveMon is shown in Table-1 below:
  5. How do I suggest new features, contribute source code or become a tester or developer of this project?
    Please send an email to

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