100 Gbps Media Kit

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100Gbps Fact Sheet [pdf]
100Gbps Fact Sheet [html]


100Gbps Network Map [pdf]
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OARnet 100Gbps Network Overview (December 2012)
A Message on 100Gbps Network from Pankaj Shah, OARnet Executive Director (January 2012)


100Gbps Network Lighting Photos with Governor Kasich, Chancellor Petro and Gordon Gee. [flickr]


John Conley, OH-TECH Director speaks with Bill Cohen, Statehouse News Reporter about the OARnet 100Gbps upgrade. (January 2012)

Support for Ohio's 100 Gbps nework:

Ray Leto, President, Total Sim: OARnet’s 100 Gig network really helps Ohio, not just because how it supports great research institutes, but for what it does for the cutting edge industrial innovation that’s happening now in the State of Ohio.  Our business focuses on modeling and simulation for the automotive industry, and we chose Ohio over other states like North Carolina, Indiana or Michigan because of the advanced technology and infrastructure available here in Ohio.

Kenneth A. Murray, Jr. President/CEO, Transformatix: When you’re talking about modern health care research industry — medical imaging, genomics, DNA sequencing — you’re talking about enormous data sets that require huge bandwidth. One reason we located our new company in Ohio, rather than California, is because Ohio demonstrated the most forward-thinking approach to technology and high-speed.

Tom Lange, Director of Corporate Research and Development Modeling and Simulation, Procter & Gamble: “This is a big win for Ohio. It puts us on the 21st Century Digital Highway, which will help big businesses, mid-sized companies and small developing firms. At P&G, Ohio's supercomputing capacity and the high-speed network that supports it allows P&G to model and simulate our products and production systems, thus lowering costs and improving consumers' experiences with our products. For small and mid-sized Ohio companies, many of which are P&G suppliers, this game changing 'data highway' upgrade gives them greater access to and use of modeling and simulation that can improve their products and thus help their businesses grow and to compete globally.”

Dr. Philip Payne, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, The Ohio State University and Executive Director, Center for IT Innovation in Healthcare: “Analyzing complex genomic information in order to deliver healthcare informed by the most up to date science consumes massive amounts of data. Until now, the speed and capacity needed to transmit this data between research facilities and healthcare systems throughout the state was non-existent, and we had to physically ship large external hard drives between institutions. At these new speeds and bandwidth, we will now be able to transmit enormous genomic data sets with the click of a button to anyone connected to the network in just minutes. This is an incredible technological breakthrough for the medical research and clinical care communities, and will lead to improvements in health for every Ohioan.”

Caroline Whitacre, Vice President for Research, The Ohio State University: “Ohio's research broadband backbone is already the envy of many other states. Accelerating its capacity to 100 Gbps will make Ohio even more attractive to medical research, manufacturing, engineering and other technology sectors. This will put Ohio far ahead of the pack in university research collaboration and competition for federal grants.”