Third Frontier Network is now "OSCnet"

Feb 27, 2007

OSC would like to announce that the name of the Third Frontier Network is being changed to OSCnet. This name is the result of a series of meetings with legislators, academic partners, and state leadership.  Virtually all of those participating in the discussions noted that it was time to clearly associate the network with OSC so as to minimize confusion for OSCnet users and those who provide funding for the network, including the higher education partners that were central to the inception and implementation of the network.

Part of Governor Strickland's "Turnaround Ohio" plan contains ways to use the broadband network to save the state and local governments money and extend next generation broadband access across all 88 counties of Ohio.

OSC is a participant in these efforts and continues to focus on increased technology deployment within the state.  OSC strives to offer unparalleled technology resources and services to the higher education, research, industry, government and K-12 communities within the State of Ohio.

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