Megaconference VIII Call For Interactive Presentations - Interactions" -- Now On"

Jun 7, 2006

Columbus, Ohio  (June 7, 2006) – The world’s 8th annual Megaconference has been scheduled for November 8, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (EST). Anyone in the world using H.323 Internet videoconferencing is invited to submit a proposal for what organizers are now calling “interactions,” or interactive presentations.

Megaconference founder Dr. Robert Dixon said videoconferencing is an inherently interactive medium, and to encourage this concept the term “interaction” has been adopted to describe this feature of the Megaconference.

The Megaconference brings together people from all over the world, inexpensively and from the comfort of their own classroom, office or laboratory,” Dixon said. “The world becomes a smaller and more friendly place when we can see and talk with one another openly and freely, without political or cultural boundaries.”

Dixon said the theme of this year’s event, Breaking Down the Barriers: Global Connections, reflects the international spirit of the Megaconference by creating friendships and memories that will endure forever. “Creativity is unleashed in wonderful ways that allow everyone to express themselves and describe their work and experiences to an enthusiastic global audience,” he added.

The Megaconference is the world's largest videoconference (430 locations around the world last year) and anyone in the world with H.323 or compatible equipment can participate. The event is sponsored by the Internet2 Commons, which is jointly operated by The Ohio State University and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and supported by many organizations, manufacturers and vendors. There is no cost for participation.

Each interaction should be 15-20 minutes long, and demonstrate new or novel applications of videoconferencing technology, increase world understanding, and include interactive collaborative partners. Performance-based presentations such as music, dance, etc., are not required to have collaborative partners, although they are still strongly encouraged.

The deadline for proposals is August 31, but early submissions are strongly encouraged. Proposal submissions should be emailed to A paragraph describing the proposal, email and phone number must be included. 

For information on previous events please visit last year’s Megaconference program at

The Megaconferences and their spin-offs (Megaconference Jr. and Gigaconference) won a first-ever Internet2 IDEA award this year.  More about the IDEA Awards1 can be found at