Megaconference VII Set For December 1

Dec 1, 2005

Columbus, Ohio -  The Ohio Supercomputer Center, in conjunction with The Ohio State University and Internet2, will jointly host the seventh annual Megaconference December 1, 2005. Megaconference is the world's largest simultaneous connection of Internet videoconferencing communication devices.

Megaconference VII begins at 7:00 a.m. EST, and will continue throughout the day until 11:30 p.m. EST. Representatives from every continent on earth will be attending and presenting during the event. This year's theme, Increasing Empathy Through Videoconferencing, focuses on improving understanding between individuals and cultures through worldwide videoconferencing. The preliminary agenda will be posted soon on the Megaconference website

The Megaconference takes place once a year to present, test and discuss all aspects of IP-based H.323 videoconferencing. The H.323 standard allows users to make the most of existing videoconferencing hardware and software. It defines how real-time audiovisual conferencing data is transmitted across IP-based networks, allowing for shared conferences between disparate conferencing applications.

Presentations will discuss and demonstrate how groups use Internet videoconferencing in real-world situations for teaching, learning, sharing knowledge and information, and a variety of other topics. Actual end users of H.323 videoconferencing will be the predominant feature of Megaconference VII, while technical presentations will be limited. All presentations will be fully interactive, engaging multiple sites and audiences around the world.

Registration is now open via the Megaconference website. Like any professional conference, presenters and audience members will discuss current projects and developments. Unlike other conferences, hundreds of participants from universities, K-12 schools, and many other organizations will gather simultaneously around the world using advanced networks and technology.

For the past seven years Internet2, The Ohio State University and the Ohio Supercomputer Center have hosted the Megaconference. Both BALE Theater and BALE Conference Room have been reserved so that people can come to OSC and participate in this remarkable event. If you have not attended Megaconference before, now is your chance.

For more information, point your web browser to the official Megaconference website. The website currently shows information from last year, but will soon be updated with information on participants and locations for Megaconference VII, 2005.

Megaconference website (for registration and information).

Previous years' Megaconference streaming can be viewed at