Megaconference VII Call For Proposals

Dec 1, 2005

The 7th annual Megaconference is set for Thursday December 1, 2005., from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST. This annual event is sponsored by the Internet2 Commons and supported by many national and international organizations, manufacturers and vendors. There is no cost for participation.

Proposal submissions for presentations are due by Oct. 1, but people are encouraged to submit proposals as soon as possible. Proposals must be sent to Dr. Bob Dixon at A paragraph describing the proposal is sufficient. Presentations from past Megaconferences can be viewed at

Presentations that demonstrate new or novel applications of videoconferencing technology, increase world understanding, and are interactive are preferred. Musical presentations are also invited.

The Megaconference is the world's largest videoconference--360 locations around the world last year--and everyone in the world with H.323 or compatible equipment is invited to participate.

The Megaconference is a system of distributed H.323 multipoint control units (MCU) located around the world that are cascaded together to create the world's most cutting-edge Internet video conference. During the event people from all over the Earth describe their real-world applications of H.323 videoconferencing, using H.323 videoconferencing to do so. It is the largest forum in the field of Internet videoconferencing.