High school STEM camp leads student to job with OARnet

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jul 13, 2023) — 
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Doug Button (right) gained valuable experience in his student position, where he worked with Director of Networking Aaron Wise (left). Button later transitioned into a full-time position at OARnet. 

Doug Button attended the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s Summer Institute (SI) camp, a two-week residential program where high school students learn about computer science and engineering, when he was going into his sophomore year at Thomas Worthington High School.

During the program he worked on a project in which he and a team built a mock network for a research base in Antarctica and was taught how to set up communication between routers and computers.

This project was Button’s first experience working with a network, and he was curious about opportunities that would provide him with a real-world application for the information he learned during the camp. This inspired Button to reach out to his project lead at SI, Aaron Wise, director of networking at the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet).

This article is part of a series highlighting how the Ohio Technology Consortium offers Ohio college students employment opportunities that provide hands-on experience in fields ranging from information technology and engineering to communications and administration.

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