First IPv6 Megaconference to be held on World IPv6 Day

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 8, 2011) — 


Dr. Bob Dixon is contacting video technicians around the world encouraging them to participate in the first IPv6 Megaconference June 8. This comes only twelve years after Dixon held the first worldwide Megaconference to promote videoconferencing.

Dixon, OARnet research engineer, and Ben Fineman, Internet2 system administrator, will hold the IPv6 Megaconference in conjunction with World IPv6 Day, an endeavor to encourage the speedy adoption and testing of IPv6 by technology organizations worldwide.

Video Technician Kenneth Fox successfully held OARnet's first IPv6 videoconference May 19 from a multi-point control unit in Kansas City. This success and the upcoming IPv6 Day encouraged OARnet and Internet2 to hold a Megaconference to provide instruction and incentive for other videoconferencing groups to make the switch. If they have not done so already, participants need to reconfigure their endpoint software and network to be IPv6 compatible.

How do I participate?

Configure your H.323 endpoint software to handle IPv6. That includes assigning it an IPv6 address.

  • Have your network managers configure your network so that IPv6 is usable at your endpoint. They will assign you an IPv6 address.
  • Connect to the Internet2 IPv6 multi-point control unit we will provide, anytime between 0000 and 2359 GMT on June 8.
  • Tell us who you are, where you are, and what kind of equipment you are using.  

Dixon will record the information and create a report about this historic event.


Worldwide, anyone with a network and software that supports IPv6 can participate in the IPv6 Megaconference on World IPv6 Day June 8. If you plan to participate, please email

The Megaconference multi-point control unit (MCU) is connected to Internet2, ARNES and the commodity Internet.

Thus far, registed participants come from:

  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • USA

For the complete list, read our review of the event.

Tools and Testing:

Below are online tools that allow you to test your IPv6 connectivity:

Please test your connectivity prior to the event from the following multi-point control units.

Internet2 Primary MCU in Columbus, Ohio, use one of the following:

  • 2610:a8:4810:2::143 conference ID 1234#

Internet2 MCU in Kansas City, use one of the following:

  • 2610:e0:6::226##0017343524906
  • 0017343524906@2610:e0:6::226

ARNES MCU ( in Slovenia, use one of the following:

  • 2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0
  • 1234@2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0 for Tandberg endpoints
  • 2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0##1234 for Polycom endpoints

Windows PC users with USB webcams and IPv6 connection can also connect over IPv6 to ARNES MCU:

  • Open http://[2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0]/streaming.html
  • First time users install ConferenceMe client and then join conference.
  • Under Conference ID enter 1234

Event Details:

The MCU addresses above will also be used during the IPv6 Megaconference. The IPv6 Megaconference conference ID is 1234# for both the Internet2 and ARNES MCU's. The event runs 00:00-24:00 GMT on June 8.

00:00-07:00 GMT Hosted by Paul Hii, Monash University (Australia) and Jason Bordujenko, AARNet - The Australian Academic and Research Network (Australia)
07:00-12:00 GMT Hosted by David Vrtin, ARNES (Slovenia). European participants connect to ARNES MCU.
12:00-24:00 GMT Hosted by Ken Fox, OARnet (Ohio). Western Hemisphere participants connect to Internet2 MCU.

As of now, OARnet and Internet2 are attempting to join other MCUs via IPv6, but do not have two that could be used for the event as of yet. If there are more participants than the MCUs can support, MCUs will be added and information regarding these changes will be added to the websites below.

Please check this page or the Megaconference website frequently for any future updates.

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