Construction begins for Ohio Middle Mile partners

Jun 16, 2011

Columbus, Ohio (June 16, 2011) — Com Net, Inc., Horizon Telcom and OneCommunity, collectively awarded a total of $141.3 million in federal stimulus funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have received the go-ahead to break ground on their projects. The awarded projects will add more than 3,600 new miles of broadband fiber throughout Ohio. 

Along with the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet), Com Net, Inc., Horizon Telcom and OneCommunity formed the Ohio Middle Mile Consortium to create a roadmap for a seamless broadband infrastructure in Ohio. OARnet is a sub-recipient to the three grants.

The three awardees now officially are entering the construction phase, having successfully passed a variety of required assessments. For example, construction plans underwent rigorous environmental impact studies to ensure construction would not significantly harm the surroundings. Over the course of the next several weeks, crews will begin construction activities around the state, as weather permits.

More information on specific projects can be found on each organization's website. Information about the Ohio Middle Mile Consortium and contact information is available at