Paul Schopis

Former Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer

Paul Schopis served as the executive director of OARnet, as well as chief technology officer. As CTO, Schopis developed the strategy and implementation of OARnet's optical fiber network and private cloud computing environment. Schopis led the team that designed OARnet's network, one of the nation's leading statewide, high-speed networks for research and education, and was involved in all phases of its creation.

Schopis previously served as senior engineer for Ohio's Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC-Ohio).

Schopis served on The Quilt's executive committee and was elected chair of board of directors in 2008. Among his successes, Schopis also was a founding member of the Advanced Testing and Monitoring Team, in partnership with ITEC-Ohio, ITEC-NC, Spirent, British Columbia Institute of Technology and San Diego Supercomputing Center.

Schopis holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physical science from The Ohio State University.

Technology Infrastructure
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